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When a color product is able to deeply penetrate into the hair, it must be of an alkaline

pH. And, any time we lighten the hair, the color product MUST penetrate deeply into the cortex. So, starting from the mildest.. to the most aggressive coloring products, please

refer to the list below. We need all of these, and must apply them with care. Rinses and

semi- permanent colors are n

Color "rinses" Popular in the past Adhere to the cuticle - 1 wash

Semi-Permanent Color. Enjoying new popularity Penetrate the cuticle and cling to the inside of the cuticle

to and/or stain the exterior of the cortex.

Demi-Permanent Color. Permanent Color with "NO LIFT" Penetrates through the cuticle

and into the cortex. Low ph

Permanent Hair Color Color lifts, matches or deepens Penetrates deeply into the

Cortex - High ph

Bleach Lifts (Lightens) only Deep Penetration into the cortex and

entire hair strand . Can melt

cuticle from the hair strand.


Very high Ph

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