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Color Solution for ADVANCED Color Pros

I'm sure many of our experienced colorist friends are already aware of how 100 volume

developer can be a salon "friend" or DANGER. I have never used undiluted 100 volume

developer to accelerate lift. I am aware that some colorists do this. However.......

Here's the situation: You are rinsing your carefully placed highlights or a globally

placed lightener at the sink. Everything looks great.... EXCEPT FOR ONE MISSED

PLACE, where the color is noticeably dark... (We missed a spot). OUCH!

The Cure: (My opinion only), Mix equal parts (a tiny amount will do) of 40 volume and

100 volume developer. This creates 70 volume developer. Mix this with your chosen

lightener. TELL the client that you are eliminating a missed spot which will take only MOMENTS. Towel dry that dark area very thoroughly... I then, squeeze the strand with

cotton, to assure that most all of the water is out of the strand. Now, with a Q Tip or a

very small brush, apply that formula ONLY to that one dark area. DO NOT LEAVE

THE CLIENT. Within 4 -5 minutes, the strand will be BLONDE. RINSE THOROUGHLY

with cool water.. light shampoo and condition. Problem Solved.

I recommend that you store this developer away from where you keep other developers.

I believe this product can be a life-saver... when diluted.. and in emergency situations

only. Beth

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