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Color That's Environmentally Conscious

For many years, I have been interested in and have used many DAVINES products.

The brand has taken a BIG step forward in creating packaging and products that

are "Earth Friendly"

As a lover of demi permanent hair color, one of the DAVINES products I enjoy using

is VIEW. .. The brand's entry into the liquid Demi-color market. The results I obtain are

shiny, very "finished, sophisticated and beautiful. The collection does not provide (my opinion only).. quite the super-vibrant golden-orange "pop" obtained when we use

SEQ and other demi- liquid color products, but, the VIEW results are GORGEOUS!

Available in 45 intermixable shades of blonde, red and brunette. Each VIEW shade is

formulated with 88- 93 percent natural ingredients which are also 95-99 percent bio-degradable. The line is enriched with natural polyglyceriols, which are emulsifiers derived from olive oil. This provides extreme shine, and a nourishing and moisturizing action.

VIEW can be applied to damp or dry hair, and will disguise those first gray hairs.. up to

30 percent. It's perfect for refreshing faded hair lengths and for toning pre-lightened hair. And, to ensure a low environmental impact, the packaging is made of recycled plastic. A reforestation project surrounding the manufacturing make the packaging carbon neutral.

Again, I share this as a mentor and in an effort to keep our members aware of "what's happening" in hair color. I receive no compensation for what I share about products.

For further information, you can contact Steve Markovsky at ETHOS Beauty Partners:


My IMMERSION INTO HAIR COLOR sessions share EVERYTHING I can tell you about the "subject' of hair color... without sales "push", I promise to provide addending colorists an enriching day of "community", respect, lots of learning, and a very clear understanding

of how various hair color categories perform. I hope you'll join us. Next stop: Boston area: Charles David Salon, Hanover, Massachusetts. Join us on Monday, March 28th,

10AM - 5PM. AND, in April.. Chicago, Illinois. Stay tuned for announcements

about Cleveland, Florida.... and Texas. B!

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I really enjoyed reading your opinion on VIEW. I own a Davines concept salon and View is the best liquid Demi I’ve ever used. Jakob

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