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CONFIRMED: I'll Meet You on Sunday, September 29th, Annapolis, MD. 10AM until 5PM

I have received confirmation that I will be teaching at the Doubletree Hotel in Annapolis,

Md., on SUNDAY, September 29th. My session, sponsored by ARTEGO, will consist of

a full day of interactive education designed to elevate your salon hair color confidence

and artistry. I'm joined by the super-talented Gretchan Alimov as we create beautiful

hair color on live models, during which time you can ask any question or share any

comment you'd like. Career colorists will enjoy our day together, regardless of the brand

or brands you are currently using.

The last few years have brought us a number of new hair color chemistry

and science innovations.. which we explore throughout the day. I know YOU have

a lot to say about the current state of our industry. Come share with us. Be heard

and hear the insights being shared by other dedicated professionals. As I always

say, we ARE a tribe.. and meeting together provides a feeling of community as well

as a great opportunity to learn.

Please feel free to record, photograph or video tape any portion of the class you desire.

Lunch and your diploma are included in your tuition of $195 for the day. Samples and

product gifts will be provided as well as an inspiring and important discussion on the

science, artistry and business of hair color.

The registration link will be posted here as well as on my Facebook Website very soon.

We ask that you let us know you will attend soon. seating is limited, and will be available

on a first-come, first served basis.

If you THINK you MIGHT attend, please send an email to Annie Beecher so that she can place you on

our "interested" list. is her email address. I love coming to

this part of the USA, and can't wait to see you! B

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