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Considering the "CAUSE" of an Effect

Hair color professionals have a few things in common with a plastic surgeon. Let's examine:

Thousands of people visit a surgeon, asking him or her to eliminate the "marionette lines'.. those deep furrows running from the sides of the one to the corners of the mouth. OK...

Certainly an MD can "fill" those to make them look better.. but the CAUSE of those furrows

might be what is happening with skin and tissue drooping from the outer, upper corners of the face.. on the outside of the eye area,, near the temples. This might be the CAUSE

of those furrows..

Now, lets consider a client who complains that her gray hair does not remain covered, and

that her hair "fades" and appears 'brassy". We can certainly explain that "all color fades" and

ask "were you in the sun" and "what products are you using at home?".. All valid. BUT! think

to yourself: What formula did I use? How long did I permit the formula to process? Am I taking very fine sections.. assuring that all hair is covered? Am I refreshing faded hair lengths with an acidic demi liquid product and/or with a conditioning glaze.. a color conditioner that deposits color onto porous hair lenghths as it enriches the faded hair lengths? Is the client visiting us regularly? Can she afford it? Is there a way I can convert

her to an every six to eight week client... a different approach and result, but in keeping with

what she can afford? ......... ALL OF THIS is YOURS for the thinking here. And something

you can discuss this with YOURSELF!

As you know, attempting to measurably lighten a natural base shade as you cover gray.. light create a less than maintainable color result! Those "roots" DO require proper formulation on

your part. AND, (sorry) when a client also wants to appear lighter.. the best way to achieve

this (my opinion) is to cover those roots and HIGHLIGHT lighter shades into the hair lengths.

Not everything is possible with that "single process" application only. There are limits and

so much we can do to assure that the "Cause and Effect" like those of a surgeon, serve our

clients... and our business in the very best way! B

Create an all day color class at your salon. I am happy to conduct one for you. Details? Email me at Spending a comfortable, relaxing day.. learning

in a happy, stress free environment. is what I enjoy, and hope you will, as well. B

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