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I feel powerless. Let's face it. BILLIONS of dollars are spent, annually, on hair color

products used by "consumers", at home. Only hundreds of millions are spent on hair

color products used professionally, in salons. So, for manufacturers to stay in business, color must sell.... to ANYONE WHO WILL BUY IT. Salon clients want to use pro brands

at home. The demand is there. Now, SALLY will sell to those who choose to forego the

level of service, attention and knowledge offered during a salon appointment. They will

receive products at home and color their hair themselves or aided by a friend or family member. .

Are you CONCERNED?. I am! VISIT: https;/ Color "clients" sign up for a video or audio consultation with a

licensed salon pro who is working with Sally to provide detailed conversations, where the consumer shares the precise shade and "look" they desire, and an honest communication

of where their hair color "is" right now.

Next, the licensed pro, working on Sally's behalf, provides a complete, step-by-step

instruction and creates a color order form which connects to the SALLY SHOPPING

CART. Then, the consumer purchases the product which is shipped to her/him along

with the instructions provided.

SALLY is the lead company associated with Cosmoprof and Armstrong McCall.

several of distributors you might buy from. I am concerned about how this affects

these two professional stores.. bur I am MORE CONCERNED about how this affects US.

... The talented people dedicated to excellence, seeing clients at our salons. I do worry

about the salon "experience', the wonderful opportunity a client has to sit in comfort, relax.

do something wonderful for themselves, and be assured of a great color result.

The salon EXPERIENCE is what we must all protect.. and provide. What's next?

Cut your own hair? Shoot your own Botox? Forego a professional manicure?

Change the oil in your own car?... SERVICE is a business. Let's not let it disappear.

Join me as we continue our dedication to elevating salon hair color to an art form.

Meet me for class. Continue your membership here. and, PLEASE COMMENT. Don't just

leave a "like". Let me know what YOU THINK about this after going to the Sally website.

Let's find a way to have our voices HEARD by someone who will LISTEN and then help

protect us. We DO need and deserve PROTECTION. I want to help, and I'm certain you

do as well. You can ALWAYS email me at

Stay Spectacular,


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