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COOLING Unwanted "Brassy" Color

Always remember that BLUE is the coolest color on the color wheel. Violet shades

contain red... and blue. Green shades contain yellow... and blue.

BLUE, BLUE/GRAY and BLUE/Silver shades create the "ultimate drabbers".

AND.... because blue is cool, it can create a shade that appears darker and drabber

than you might predict. When softening a color result that appears too warm, I prefer

using an acidic demi liquid, blue-based shade.

BEAUTY FUSION PHYTO TECH COLOR offers two wonderful shades.. They provide

"emergency" cooling of unwanted brassy hair.. in ten minutes or less when applied

to damp hair.

9.11. (9B) is the perfect "cooler" for hair levels 6 (dark blonde) and lighter. PS: If the

hair is in HORRIBLE, porous condition and is almost "beyond white", you can soften the

drabbing results by mixing 1 part of 9.11 with 1/2 part of special clear

6.11 (6B) creates a super effective drabber for hair levels 5 and deeper.

Beauty Fusion Phyto Tech Color is mixed with equal parts of FIVE VOLUME OXYCREME

DEVELOPER. It contains no MEA, PPD or alcohol. and provides acidic, conditioning

color. Each 3 ounce bottle is bio-degradable and offered at only $7.95 per piece. You apply these "never fail" formulas.. root through ends .. on damp hair.

After 5 minutes, begin strand testing. Most hair is beautifully cooled, super shiny and

lovely.. in 10 minutes or less. Rinse, shampoo and condition the hair.

So: Two Shades I refer to as being important color correctors. Order by calling or

texting Damion Devine at 561-252-0544.

Join us for class! Our Palm Beach session is at capacity! So: Ridgeland, S.C. on

Monday, March 13th

AND: America's Beauty Show, Chicago: Our private, VIP classrooms. One session

on Sunday (luncheon served) and another on Monday (breakfast buffet included).

Each class is identical so register for the day that suits you best. Limited to fifty attendees

per session. Tickets on sale soon at the America's Beauty Show registration website!

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