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Creating the ILLUSION of Thicker Hair

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

While pastel blonde shades can be gorgeous, very light hair surrounding the face and forehead can make hair look even thinner; more sparse than it might actually be.

There are several ways to help clients feel less 'bald" by using hair color as a way to

effectively frame the face.

First: If the client prefers that pastel shade as her base color. I recommend placing level

10 neutral/warm strands as lowlights around the hair line.. woven finely, and placed at

opposing angles. These create a very soft, almost invisible, 'bounce" that reflects shots of depth -- hair that looks a bit more "populated" throughout those super-fine areas.

Or, You can establish a base shade a bit deeper than your client usually wears. Then,

right at the edges of the hair line. from ear to ear, and through, up into the widow's peak,

weave fine highlights at the edge of the hair. These, flatter and reflect light so that the

deeper hair does not appear "too dark", or monochromatic. These little nuances take only

moments to create, and do not require much product.. but they CAN create a world of


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