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As we continue learning about color, and gain regular salon experience, we DO become far more than "technicians". We become artists. Our canvas is the human head. And this special canvas is alive, has an opinion, and is often over-exposed to a lot of aggressive

treatment. HOWEVER, If you ever take the time to meditate for five minutes, or to close your eyes and remind yourself about the special work you do, here are some thoughts

you might allow to float through your brain:

When a person MASTERS one thing, and understands that thing VERY WELL, they gain insight and understanding into many more subjects. The discipline of FOCUS on one thing,

strengthens the mind so that other related thoughts become more easily understood.

Never quench your imagination or your inspiration. Keep thinking about color, how you would like to create a shade or a look. Even as you satisfy your clients by providing what they ask for, take some time to work on hair models... be clear about what you plan to create (at no charge) for them. Never become a slave to a model you engage for a creative evening... Just

be 100% honest and clear about what you are going to do BEFORE you start.

The power to CREATE what you imagine happens when you become a confident colorist. When Van Gogh described his life, he said that painting "WAS HIS LIFE" and that he believed painting became a faith. His work was never fully accepted during his lifetime. How lonely and disappointed he must have felt. Yet, he believed in himself and never stopped

Today, Van Gogh's work sells for millions of dollars. His commitment to his painting went far beyond any thought of earning money... As he said "Creating imposes the duty to disregard public opinion". His new techniques were often mocked. Yet he believed in what he did.

Salon colorists, however, ALWAYS need public (client) approval in order to stay

in business! But the commitment to excellence, and to remaining creative are concepts we

should continue to carry with us all through our professional lives. Coloring hair is a thought process. Every step you take and every formula you mix has a purpose. If you color hair, the exact same way you did twenty years ago, use the exact same formulas and products, and view your salon as it was when you opened it long ago, the passion for what you can create

might have left you. You CAN change this if you decide to reignite your commitment and your enjoyment. Stay curious, watch new techniques, attend classes where you can listen

to other people and see new things going on. Always try to engage with other

people who do what we do. Inspiration comes from so many places. And, even if it strikes you for only a moment... remember it, and remember that you have the ability to create magic for a client.. and for yourself! B

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Beth Minardi
Beth Minardi
02 oct. 2021

Nothing matches the salon experience. Smart manufacturers in the past REQUIRED their marketing and sales executives to visit salons to "observe" on a regular basis. What brand managers "think" a product does is not always how the salon views it or uses it. The product does not have a brain. It is the head, the heart and the hands of the colorist that create the magic.. We tend to credit our success on the product we use... WRONG! While we covet and adore wonderful products, it is OUR ability to combine, choose and apply them properly. EXPERIENCE matters: Who would want to be a doctor's "very first heart operation patient"?

As I always say, those first thousand foils are the…

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