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When rinsing highlights, avoid spoiling your beautiful work. After the client is seated at the

sink,( in an upright position), gently remove the foils placed in the nape and throughout the

back of her head. Place the used foils DIRECTLY into the trash or into the un-occupied

sink next to you. Avoid letting them fill up the sink where you are working.

You can then ask the client to "relax back", and begin THOROUGHLY rinsing the hair located

at the back of the head. Then, while the client remains in a reclining position, begin removing the remainder of the foil.. again DO NOT let the used foil sit in the sink you are using. When all foil is removed, continue rinsing until the water runs clear. THEN, shampoo and continue.

We have all seen clients whose highlighted hair is a "strange" deeper or warmer or lighter

tone than the rest of the hair. Usually, that is because the hair lengths sat in a solution

made up of water.. and the bleach, toner or color used on the client.

Remember, those porous ends can "grab' like crazy. Never allow your hard work to be compromised by a less than careful situation at the sink! B

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