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ENHANCED Color Options - FREE Instruction

Finally! It took me three months to test and then to write three chapters about how

using BEAUTY FUSION PHYTO TECH color can enhance the color services you

already provide. The information is FREE and can be sent to you via e-mail or

in printed form.

CHAPTER ONE: How to use Beauty Fusion as an acidic liquid, "no lift" demi color

CHAPTER TWO: How to use Beauty Fusion as a slightly alkaline "Demi-Plus color

CHAPTER THREE: How to use Beauty Fusion as a permanent hair color formula

You can request any chapter you'd like.. or ask for all of them. Here's what to do:

To receive ASAP, EMAIL -

To receive on Paper:

These shades are truly remarkable, and worth looking into, regardless of the brand(s) you

are currently using.

Wishing you another colorful week ahead,


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