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Sometimes we meet a new client who clearly looks her best as a brunette. One of my

favorite color services is "rescuing" brown hair which has been over-processed.

Today, I met a terrific new client. She is gorgeous, and about 40 percent gray. The

hair which has not yet turned gray is level 3, medium brown. Sadly, her hair lengths

presented a problem. Throughout the crown, large sections of the hair appeared to

be highlighted to a brassy orange shade. And, she told me that her hair had been

given a "Botox Conditioning Treatment" to control her natural soft wave. So, the hair

was in a fragile state.

After covering her gray "root" area using Wella Color Touch. (equal parts of 3/0 and 5/3),

I wanted to avoid further stress on the hair lengths as I eliminated that orange/red area

which the client actually hated.

After her retouch had processed, we shampooed her hair, and towel dried it carefully,

I chose to "color condition" the hair using Evo Fabuloso Conditioner. I mixed 5 parts

of Beige with 1 part of Cool Brunette, and applied the mixture root through ends, massaging

the mixture very evenly and thoroughly into the hair. We covered the hair with a plastic

bag, and allowed the color conditioner to process at room temperature for 20 minutes.

After thoroughly rinsing the hair and styling it, -- wrapping round-brushed sections onto

velcro rollers; this new client was delighted with her rich, non-brassy, shiny new color. By

allowing the color conditioner to deeply penetrate into this POROUS hair, the treatment

will fade SLOWLY.. and will hold well until I see her for her retouch in four weeks.

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