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While following the latest TREND in fashion, beauty, or hair style/ color can keep life

interesting, remaining "trendy" does have its limits, and it requires a bit of courage,

time.. and money.

I've observed that most clients want to appear modern, updated and not living

in a beauty time warp, most tend to cultivate their own "look" their own style,

.. and, in most cases, I applaud this. We have all seen individuals who seem

dedicated to staying "on trend".. but do themselves a disservice. Some trends

simply do not flatter everyone. Instead, I find joy in helping clients as they

capture their own SIGNATURE look. And, there are numerous ways we can

create variations and updates to this signature look. It just takes a bit of

thought and some meaningful communication with our customer.

Maintaining a loyal clientele, in part, is rather a balancing act: Creating slight

alterations in hairstyle, color placement, a variation of color level, tone -- with a

nod to "what's new", all keep things fresh without making extreme changes

that often do not work.

An important part of what I present here on our page centers around discussing

various ways to enhance our clients' appearance. Let's consider that your work

goes far beyond simply scheduling a regular color re-touch that seldom or

never creates anything "new". Visiting you at the salon should include a

bit of fun.. a bit of excitement. Even the tiniest bit of change can provide that

"lift" a client hopes to find.

That is why I have added hands-on participation as a part of my IMMERSION

INTO HAIR COLOR day-long learning sessions. We go beyond my step-by

-step color demonstrations and deep study of essential new hair color theory

and color chemistry. All important. BUT:

Attendees have the opportunity to formulate, mix and apply color as we

CHANGE or CORRECT our models' hair during our day together. 2024 begins

with sessions, starting in January - Sarasota, Florida, Dallas, Texas, Bend,

Oregon, Chicago, Illinois, and Detroit, Michigan. Early bird tuitions remain

in effect. Or you can register by making three installments.

For more information or to register, call or text ELISA MESSICK at


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