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‘Faded ‘Summer Blonde’ Formula

In class today, I had a lovely model whose hair was a natural muted level 6 - dark blonde. About 25 percent of her grown out highlights took up about the last 2 inches of. Her long -- shoulder length hair.

So, I 'bumped the base' of the hair located from the scalp to about 2/3 down the hair lengths. Then, I scattered selected strands -- wrapping the hair in woven sections, using lightener and 20 volume. Developer... THE VERY SOFT, slightly lighter. Slightly warmer base, accented with the whispers of additional blonded strands were a joy to behold. I used Base Breaker by Wella and Lovely Lights powder Lightener by Artego.

My attendees were some of the most delightful colorists I've had the pleasure to meet. A wonderful day! B

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Careful use of the word "Keratin"

Of course modern hair smoothers and chemical relaxers contain KERATIN.. but, keratin is NOT the chief ingredient responsible for loosening or removiing curl from the hair.. those "relaxer" ingredients


Jul 25, 2023

This is how I’m reading it: You bumped the base with the base breaker and highlighted over that. So are you saying you left the breaker on the entire duration the highlights processed? What is be the purpose in this application versus dping the highlights first, let that develop, then apply the breaker in between the foils at the last few minutes of processing? Thanks

Beth Minardi
Beth Minardi
Aug 02, 2023
Replying to

No highlight was placed anywhere near the scalp. This was done on hair which is slightly below the shoulder in length. So, immediately after applying the base breaker, scattered, selected strands placed at the last 3 1/2 inches of the hair — particularly framing the face were created. This model had lightest brown/ dark edt blonde hair, with highlights that had grown out for approximately seven months. Your technique is also very valid.. just a bit of a differing result. B

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