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Members here represent the "best of the best" in salon professionalism.

As you know, I have scheduled hair color learning sessions presented at a VIP

level, at host salons throughout America. These full day events benefit colorists

at all levels of expertise, and intensify their color skills regardless of the procucts

they use a their salon.

You'll see how to register here on our "Group Class/Events post, and can regsiter

now at Early Bird Discounts OR in three easy installment payments.

ADDITIONALLY: FOR BETHMINARDI-ALLACCESS MEMBERS, ONLY: If you and one or more staff members at your

salon wish to attend, Our Registrar, ELISA MESSICK is happy to discuss group tuition

options with you. Interested? Call or Text Elisa at 817-877-7384.

Sarasota, Florida January

Dallals, Texas. February

Bend, Oregon. March

Chicago, Ill. April

Detroit, Michigan. April

... additional events coming your way, later in the year.

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