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Members here, often think broadly about transforming the usual beauty salon "experience" into something "beyond'... something that elevates the senses and the moments of the customers' lives. So adding a visual or tactile detail to the service; something lovely to

be enjoyed by the client, can make all the difference.

For a moment, think about the relaxing experience of aromatherapy and phytotherapy. Offering these can perpetuate the feeling of care and well-being for our clients. Certainly,

hair and skin look and feel better.... but the psyche of how the client FEELS being in your

salon can create all the difference. Follow me as I explain several curated approaches

which promise you the elevation as being a "top hair doctor" in your area.


On my Facebook Group Page for colorists, I've explained how hair which is in CRITICAL condition, and in danger or breaking, can be massively repaired via application of any

number of professional salon products designed to "repair" highly damaged hair. Let's

take this a step further. Your professional choices are YOURS TO MAKE. Our mission

here is to also recommend that I have learned to be the "top-of-the-top hair helpers.

As I prepare for summer, and for clients whose hair is IN TROUBLE, I add two products

from VIESO: The VIECO ARGAN OIL SHAMPOO and ARGAN OIL Masque are, in my

opinion, at the TOP of the pampering, protective and restorative offerings. HAIR which

is truly over-processed and suffering, should be shampooed with VIESO ARGAN OIL

SHAMPOO. After being towel dried, A generous application of VIESO ARGAN OIL

MASQUE should be massaged gently yet completely through roots to ends of the hair.

Allow to remain in the hair for 15 - 20 minutes, before rinsing completely. These products

are available at both back bar and retail sizes. Sold EXCLUSIVELY... not avialable through

the internet or at professional or retail stores. To order or for more information, contact Elisa

at 817-877-7384

APPROACH TWO: AFTER Washing the hair with VIESO ARGAN OIL SHAMPOO and treating with VIESO ARGAN OIL MASQUE, Rinse the hair thoroughly. Some clients have

hair which is truly "spaghetti when wet and Brillo when dry." Available to very care-conscious, and hair color-oriented salons. The EXTREME situations often call for

massive support prior to any corrective color of styling service you may be asked upon to do.

The K LINE of ARTEGO Color Care, offers an emergency keratin replacement solution: Artego's K LOTION. It is applied to shampooed, conditioned, and towel -dried hair. Prior to styling and drying, ARTEGO K LOTION can be at your station throughout the summer months, and can be applied to shampooed, towel dried hair, and very evenly combed into the hair, using a fine-toothed comb. Learning about this other emergency care conditioning collection is interesting AND very easy to learn. Learn about this system by contacting

Damion DeVine at 561-252-0544. The K Line also contains a line of at home color care for hair which is in very compromised condition.

As one whose life is devoted to helping salons take perfect care of poor-treated hair, I am so excited to share very scientifically superior, almost "private" ways that top salons can care for

hair that is truly in need or our professional love... and care. Beth

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