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FREE COLOR To Try: Exclusive Offer for Our ALLACCESS Members!

I'm covering my 95% white (gray) hair with BEAUTY FUSION Demi Liquid Hair color. I began trying it chiefly because of the discomfort, itch and sensitivity I endure, no matter

what brand or category of color I use to retouch my hair. BEAUTY FUSION contains no

PPD, NO MEA, No ALCOHOL and No Silicones. Natural ingredients added to the formula

support protection of the scalp and hair. After processing for 35 minutes (roots only), at

room temperature, my gray is perfectly covered and I am sensitivity free!

Here's my formula: 1 ounce of 5.0, (neutral) plus. 1 ounce of 6.34 (golden orange) plus

2 ounces of Five Volume Oxymilk Developer. The results are a rich, super-shiny warm brunette a bit lighter than medium brown.

Perhaps you have a client who will be delighted with this formula. You can try these two BEAUTY FUSION shades and developer at NO CHARGE!

Shipping and handling covered! You pay nothing. This is my gift to the first TEN members who want to try this. Email your request to me.. share your name, salon name, city, state and zip code. You can expect your colorful gift to arrive within the next ten days! I look forward to hearing from you!


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