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GET ALL My COLOR CLASS INFO, Dates, Locations, Schedules, Tuitions Due and Class Content

CALL OUR CLASS REGISTRAR, ELISA MESSICK at 817-877-7384. She provides event

information and will register you for my IMMERSION INTO HAIR COLOR Learning Sessions.

And, as always, feel free to text or call me at 646-468-9802

Group Sales Offers Available. Register Early for Tuition Discounts, Or, Pay Over

Time (Three payment installment). Join me for important, highly useable, VIP

level hair color learning designed to elevate your reputation as a hair color

expert. Class sizes are limited. Gifts, a framable diploma and lunch are all

included in your non-refundable tuition. Listed here are the cities where I will be

teaching in 2024:

Sarasota, Florida. Dallas, Texas, Chicago, Illinois. Atlanta, Georgia, Southport, Ct.,

Detroit, Michigan, Cleveland. Ohio. and Bend, Oregon.

Each session is limited to thirty attendees. So, PLEASE RSVP to Elisa so that we may

add you to our list. I look forward to seeing you in class.

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