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Have you seen American Salon's news regarding the state of the global hair color

business? If so you'll be encouraged to learn that the hair color sector is GROWING

rapidly. Our business is on trend to almost DOUBLE now through 2030.

Industry reports show the trend will reach sales exceeding $33 BILLION by 2030,

and that steady growth will take place annually.

What does this mean for us? Obviously we consider the "home user" market.. which is

HUGE. However, we have a MASSIVE opportunity here. And, that all depends on how you

address this business. For some, the mindset must change. Simply looking at a color

card showing what was applied during the previous visit, and allowing 30 minutes or

less for the appointment might keep your head above the water, but this will do almost

NOTHING to position you as a hair color expert and artist. Providing the same repeat of

a service over and over again. and trying to serve two or three clients while your color

client is processing.. is a short term way to create income for yourself, and a sure-fire

way to become exhausted.

I hope you are scheduling sufficient time to first sit and TALK to your client. .. Face to Face.

Really CONNECT with her. Do not rush. Ask her about how she FEELS about her color,

share any new thoughts you might have (should have!) about what to consider next. perhaps

a different glaze, or a few highlights or low lights, or a "mini alteration" in what you have been

doing for a long time.

Remember, some people change salons because they feel they need a "new set of

eyes". Clients have shared with me that the reason they have started visiting me was

because their colorist never offered anything new.. and that they, as consumers of

color, were becoming bored.. or, they believed that their colorist was so busy, that they

had lost interest in them. Just think about it: Can you schedule yourself properly so that

you do not need to leave your color client to process while you trim another client's bangs???? ... I hope this is not the case for you.

And, while I'm at it: It is best to refrain from saying: "Oh, yes, we need to do more for you but

I don't have time today.. maybe we can do something the next time". ... Sadly, there might not be a "next time", if your client is in emotional need for a change.. and for that extra bit of attention. So, consider adding time to the color appointments you schedule. If retouching single process hair color is the primary source of your color income, you MIGHT consider ramping things up a bit. Consider seeing fewer clients every day, as you increase the

"per patron" service change attached to the hair color artistry you provide.

And, using color-bearing conditioners at the sink, retailing them, and applying them to slightly enhance or alter a color result .. wonderful ways to accelerate your colorful earning power.

So, be a part of this great new WAVE... Salon hair color as an important part of revenue. The

opportunity is there!

I hope to see you in class... January in Palm Beach, March in South Carolina, .. and more to

come in 2023. B

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Agreed 👍 100% BM❤️


What do you think of charging hourly like plumbers, electricians, lawyers, accountants etc…

Beth Minardi
Beth Minardi
09 déc. 2022
En réponse à

That decision is yours to make. I prefer to charge for the service. Ex. Retouch and glaze. Color change, color correction, roots, dimension and glaze. Global bleach and tone…. Of course, the decision is yours. Thx for being a BethMinardi - All Access member. B


06 déc. 2022

When and where in West Palm Beaches , will your color classes be held?

Beth Minardi
Beth Minardi
09 déc. 2022
En réponse à

Sunday, January 15th.Ambassador Club, North Palm Beach, Fla. 10AM-5PM. $395 per person. Lunch and diploma included. Call Damion Devine for tickets


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