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Hair is the fastest growing tissue in the human body. The PRESSURE of the new growth

pushing out of a healthy hair follicle forces cells to start moving toward the scalp surface.. which is reached within ten days after the hair matrix has been formed through action of the

papilla and the hair follicle. As these cells migrate, they undergo tremendous changes in

shape, flattening or in the formation of spindles. AND their chemical composition changes..

These contain about 200 different proteins and water in addition to other components like

the Mitochondria and the Ribosomes. After all this, the "hair' becomes a structure that

begins to elongate.. thus, forming a hair strand.

Inability of the scalp to be in contact with oxygen; when dealing with an individual

living with shock or with emotional stress, poor nutrition, lack of circulation to the scalp and

hormonal influences... any of these can affect what happens even BEFORE hair emerges from the scalp.

Be sure to discuss all this with your clients. Certainly hair BREAKS

from rough chemical or physical abuse. Using colors and lighteners that offer

scalp and hair protection, AND using top level hair shampoos and conditioners, as well

as teaching your client how to PROPERLY pamper the hair via scalp massage,

stimulating the scalp via gentle brushing with a boar bristle brush, and skipping or

minimizing the use of dry shampoo..... All this begins our conversation about

protecting that gorgeous hair as it exits the scalp.

Im planning classes. If one of these locations might interest you, PLEASE comment here

on our page: Boston, Pittsburgh, South Carolina (Hilton Head), Tampa, Houston, Dallas

Palm Beach or LA. Host salons where 15 - 20 career colorists can be comfortably seated.. make wonderful sense. DO let me know.


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