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"Haircolor DOES "Remove" Haircolor

........... Let's Clarify

I read hair color text books at times. And, I DO UNDERSTAND what the authors are

stating... but here, I hope to be a bit more "clear". I think the better way to say this

is "When a colorist needs to lighten or to remove hair color, attempting to use a lighter

shade of hair color is NOWHERE NEAR the best way to attempt this!. Bleach (hair

lightener" or dedicated "color removers" will be a colorist's best choice.


Let's imagine that a client comes to your chair as a "model'. She/he has dyed the hair black,

dark brown, or a very dark red or violet red. She/he would like their hair to be lighter.

YOU attempt to lighten this color WITHOUT using bleach. SO.... you mix up your

salon's best "super high lift" permanent hair color formula. .. probably intermixing

with forty volume color developer. You apply this formula to a selected strand of

the hair... perhaps you wrap this in foil or attach it to a mesh..... and you allow this

to process for 25 - 30 minutes at room temperature. In 99. 9 percent of the cases, this

hair WILL LIGHTEN......... HOWEVER: There is NO WAY to predict the degree of "lift"

or the final result of this attempt at hair lightening. The high lift permanent hair color

formula, which is alkaline, WILL "Disrupt" the density of the dyed dark hair to which the

formula was applied...... But, again, any type of result prediction is almost entirely IMPOSSIBLE.

In VERY RARE cases, .. very, very rare cases, you might be amazed when you examine

this strand.. and see that the hair HAS LIGHTENED significantly... again, there is NO

WAY to predict this. So, it is absolutely BEST to never attempt to remove color.. by using

a lighter color. THIS, BY THE WAY, is one of the BIGGEST MISTAKES MADE BY THE

D.I.Y. "Home user". They think that if their hair develops "too dark", all they need to do is

to go to the drug or discount store, and purchase a lighter shade of hair color.. which they

will take home and apply............. Just one of the things we might sometime need to

share with an upset client... a "new" client, sitting in your chair, after a failed attempt

at "home hair color". This is just ONE of the topics we will discuss in class! B

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