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Helping "New Salon Professionals"

Like many of you, I am concerned about the future of the beauty profession. Sadly, many new graduates are not yet prepared to succeed. Proficiency with even the most basic skills: Properly greeting a client, understanding the. basics of acceptable client care, doing a

great shampoo and conditioning, properly draping a client, effectively detangling the hair,

and being able to properly mix hair color and lighteners --all things we take for granted, might

not be within their current skill set. This omits even more precise skills including execution of

a great hair cut, blow dry, set or highlighting. Far too many "new professionals" are encouraged to 'be their own boss'; graduating from school, and immediately opening

their own salon suite. This creates too much failure with newbies leaving our industry

with debt and within the first three years after graduating from school.

I want to help. My dream is to create a "post graduate" academy of hair color. In. the

meantime, I am offering "NEW PROFESSIONAL" seating at my IMMERSION Into HAIR COLOR Sessions. Salon professionals who register may bring their color assistant

to class; paying a service fee of only $75. This covers refreshments and luncheon, framable

diploma, literature and product costs.

I personally sponsor and manage IMMERSION study sessions at host salons throughout

the country. Thank you for joining me. I honor your passion; doing what we can to invest in the future of beauty. For information about IMMERSION Into HAIR COLOR sessions, contact Damion at Beth

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