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New discovery I found at KHS, Houston, Texas.

When you want to place "NEVER SLIP" selected highlighting strands into

the hair, there is a wonderful product you can purchase at Walmart or

on Amazon.. or at the vendor of your choice.

At Kharisma Hair Studio, we use a product from UOFFICE: FOAM WRAP ROLL.

320 feet by 12 inches. 1/16 inch thick. $36.50. Cut into 6 inches wide and 8 inches

long. These are light, easy to apply under the strand, and they DO NOT BUDGE

during processing. And, at the sink.. they slide out easy when pulled from the hair.

And, when training new colorists, this is a WONDERFUL TOOL.. as when placed,

it does not fall out of the hair -- a real confidence builder. PLUS. The PRICE IS WONDERFUL.

If you begin using these or if you are already using them, please let us know.. comment

here. Using new tools always makes life easier!


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