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Earlier this week, I was delighted to welcome a new client to my chair. She is a salon

professional who has attended my classes in the past. In fact, she was in the room when

I helped introduce Logics Color Cremes in 1984!

Her natural color is level 5, lightest brown. It is fine.. but fuller, thicker in the back. The

hair lengths were a brassy, orange, level 7 and her roots were about 40% white. Her

rich brown eyes and warmer skin tones pointed me to seeing that being a soft brunette--

minus the gray.. would be her best choice.

Being brave, and having experienced use of a new demi color brand, I decided to do the

following: Rather than using permanent hair color on this very fine hair, I decided to cover

the gray without lifting the "still brown" hair. And, I placed many woven selected strands of

the hair lengths into the same "no lift" formula... to minimize the brassy tones.. and to allow

those lightened areas to serve as a highlight. The final result was FABULOUS!

I used the new GEL Demi Shade: SHINEFINITY by Wella. 04/07. This is a "no lift' level

4 (light brown) shade with a neutral brown finished tone. I mixed the color with equal parts

of SHINEFINITY developer. First, I applied the formula to the brown and gray "root" area.

Then, I isolated selected strands into foil, and used that same demi formula to lowlight (deepen and cool) those strands. And, I applied conditioner to the ends of strands that had

not been placed in foil.

I processed this fine hair under a pre-heated source for 20 minutes. Then, I allowed the formula to continue processing on this fine hair for fifteen additional minutes at room temperature.

The gray coverage was PERFECT, and the shine and color of the hair was simply remarkable! TAA DAA. For a long time, I have shared that many demi creme shades DO

COVER gray. when formulated, applied and processed correctly. I do this whenever I want

gray coverage but when I do not also want to obtain "lift" of the hair which remains pigmented.

I share this with you because it is SO PRETTY and so EASY TO DO. If you give this a

try... comment here so that we can ALL share our stories of beautiful SUCCESS! B

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