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IGNITING The RICH, Burnished UNDERTONES OF AUTUMN: Gloss Your Clients Using Rusk Deep Shine GLOSS

Updated: Oct 16, 2021

Infusing a "kiss" of sophisticated, understated,'never brassy" warmth into your clients' hair color transitions summer-faded locks into shiny, head-turning tone your customer will enjoy. With the client's approval, you'll enjoy seeing a slightly updated tone as a brand new season begins. MOST clients enjoy a BIT of change throughout the year. And, when YOU offer it, she feels your interest and your professionalism.

Glossing faded hair lengths with sheer, super-shiny tone is never shocking, infuses increased light reflection, and erases that flat, dull "end of summer" blah tone. Listed here are just a few I create using RUSK DEEP SHINE GLOSS. Of course, you can use this information as a guide if you are using other acidic liquid demi brands.

If you enjoy giving one.. or several of these... a try, please let me know. You can post them here on AllAccess. I love seeing photographs of finished, well-styled hair using appropriate models. ..A plain, uncluttered backdrop, hair well-lit, and, PLEASE, remove the salon smock!

. Do not reveal the model's face if she is wearing

a mask. Curls are fine IF they are smooth, well placed and shiny. OK: Here are a few formulas you

will enjoy:

1. Add Autumn Luster to Dull Brunette Hair. Mix 1 1/2 ounces of 5CH (Chocolate) with 1/2 ounce 6CG

2. Banish dull "grayish" Blonde Highlights Mix 1 ounce of 9CG with 1/2 oz 9G and 1/2 oz Clear

3. Create A "Hint of Cinnamon Spice in

Mid to Light Brown Hair Mix 1 1 /2 oz 6CG with 1/2 oz 5G

4. SOFT PLUM BROWN sparkle added to

All Levels of Brunette Hair Mix 1 1/2 3R with 1 oz4CH (Chocolate

5. SOFTEST BROWNETTE deepens blonde

to a shiny, light "butterscotch" brunette. Mix 1 oz 9CG with 1 oz 8 SAND

I mix all Rusk Deep Shine Liquid Demi Shades with equal parts of Rusk "No Lift" developer. Applied to dry or to very thoroughly towel-dried hair .. scalp area first, then working up through the hair lengths. Use your fingers rather than a comb. Cover with a cap and process for 10 - 25 minutes depending on what you observe during your strand tests (every 7 or 8 mins). Super Thick, Dense hair, can be processed under a heat source. Then, rinse the hair until the water runs clear. Shampoo well.. 1 lathering is sufficient. Rinse again, condition, style and admire.

If You have formulas you'd like to share, please comment here on ALLACCESS.

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