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My next IMMERSION INTO HAIR COLOR CLASS is scheduled for Monday, March 28th.

I look forward to meeting career colorists at the beautiful Charles David Salon, located

in Hanover, Ma.-- Webster Avenue, right outside of Boston. Our gracious hosts, David

Honeycutt and Charles (Buddy) Dudley welcome you into their gorgeous salon space where

you will be immersed in our very long-overdue, "live" celebration of salon professional

hair color.

Our day presents numerous ways to update your color knowledge.

You will watch three step-by-step color transformations, on "live" (human), models.

You will take part in our hands-on color exercise, and you'll hear all the latest

details covering new color categories, new shades and color options. We will delve

deeply into the important chemical details every colorist should consider as we work

to elevate salon hair color to an art form.

It's time to take hair color BACK INTO THE SALON. Sale of At-Home hair coloring kits has

increased massively during the past several years! And, those dollars need to be re-directed

to the salon.. where creating beautiful hair color belongs.

Our IMMERSION session begins at 10AM and will conclude at 5PM. Lunch and a framable

diploma are included in your tuition. TO REGISTER NOW... Click at the top of this page where

you see EVENTS. Both group and single tickets are available. SEVEN tickets remain available if you plan to join this very up-close-and-personal learning opportunity! B.

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