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Let’s Expand Our Creativity

I’m thinking that during the past couple of years, you streamed lots of TV. When I do, I notice hair color. One of the variations I notice is the with all types of blonde hair.

Two women — both with GREAT blonde hair, played very cool sisters on Grace and Frankie.

‘Blonde Two Ways’. One, super pale blonde with a ‘deep’ melt at the root. The other with lots of various blonde shadings with a ‘natural’ root and soft lowlights. Each ‘look’ was wonderful. ..two very different approaches.

Let’s learn these techniques and create them as you get your hands into my Demo models. Are you joining me for class in Houston, Cleveland, or near Hilton Head? Tell me!

Practice and participation make perfect! Register now on Bethminardi-AllAccess or on my Facebook group page for colorists. I look forward to seeing you. B

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