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I LOVE keeping a liter of clear, liquid 20 volume developer near me when I'm highlighting

hair, using a powder lightener formula. Here's why:

Of COURSE we should mix powder lightener (or any color product), with the prescribed

dedicated developer. Some of you may notice, as I do, that as we are highlighting hair,

our mixed powder lightener formula can become a bit too thick or difficult to stir.

REGARDLESS of the volume of developer I've mixed with my lightener formula, I find

that adding even 1/4 to 1/2 of an ounce of CLEAR LIQUID DEVELOPER, .. very

effectively and IMMEDIATELY "thins" the mixture just a bit.. without measurably changing

the lifting action of the formula. Sometimes, using this liquid developer allows us to

keep working.. without re-mixing a formula... in my opinion, BETTER than re-mixing with

a creamy, dedicated developer.

..... Just a tip that works for me. As a professional leader in our industry, YOU know what

works best for you. FYI: I've used both Clairol Clairoxide and Paul Mitchell twenty volume

clear developer for this application.

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