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MANAGING The "Magic"of Marketing

I can't count the number of times I've purchased something that looked great, was pretty,

or promised to magically improve my life:Learning soon after that the particular product and I

didn't jive.. and that even though I tried to like it, ... I didn't.

Sometimes this happens with us when we consider and purchase various things for our

salons. At times we see things at a show. Packaging might be lovely and it seems that

other salon professionals are snatching it up. Or, as happens often, a sales representative

visits us, and shows us the new line of color, color care or stylers we simply "MUST HAVE'

in order to do our work properly. Don't get me wrong. many of these new products are

simply FABULOUS! Life changers, they truly can create more beautiful, long lasting,

client-pleasing opportunity for our salons. Just think of the poor guy who brought the first

can of powder lightener into a salon more than 60 years ago!.... My guess is that selling this

in was not a piece of cake!

I mention all this because I'd like to give you a "heads up". During the first several months of

2022, you will most probably be bombarded with MANY new salon products... in particular.. new brands of hair color. As a service to you, I will be working with a few of my team members to evaluate them for you. I LOVE new products.. however, I've learned that being

a prudent business person, it is NOT necessary to purchase things because they are "new"

and because the sales person tells you that "everyone is buying them". With respect to hair

color, I think you already know, that abruptly removing a brand because you got a better "deal" or were offered free classes, is one of the most dangerous things you can do to your

current business. OF COURSE we are interested in new technology, new shades, higher

levels of product performance, so I suggest that when you are interested in a line of product,

that you investigate S L O W L Y before committing to something that might not be the great

"fit" you are imagining.

Here's what I suggest: My thousands of conversations with great colorists like you, has helped me understand that most colorists are in LOVE with a brand.. BUT that they MIGHT not be thrilled with one part of the line: Perhaps the ash shades are not cool enough. Perhaps gray coverage is not always at an acceptable level, Maybe the red shades are too "pink" or seem to be uncalibrated. Other brands seem to look great as the client leaves the salon, but are not as durable as you might have believed.... So, keep score in your own head, asking yourself: What particular color TASK could I do better if I either performed it

differently OR considered trying another brand. Bottom line: Sometimes it's 'One Shade or

One Formula" at a time. Do Not Be Pressured into buying an "opening deal" or pre-pak,

unless you need it. And, if you choose to purchase 1, 2, or 3 pieces, with the accompanying developer. Make sure you are purchasing a shade or shades which you plan to use on

one client who you believe would benefit from that application. This is how I began embracing.. or taking a "pass" on any number of products I chose to bring into my salon.

Here's what I have learned recently: You will be introduced to at least four new color brands

during the first quarter of 2022. One permanent color line is described as being ammonia-free, PPD free and resorcenol free. The line is accompanied by a liquid demi (acidic) color.

Another line is very much like Aveda in that it works, using all "pure" tones at various levels,

with the "fashion" tones added separately and at the quantity the colorist chooses. Another,

very like the one described above, will be housed in very large tubes and presented at a

very attractive price. So, many companies will be competing for your dollars. And, I'm sure

you will make the best choices for your salons. Again, my team and I will be testing these

various shades and brands, and, from time to time, we will be sharing our results with our

members here. AND if YOU have a request or question, this is the place you will find the

help you need. "contact Beth" is scrolled across the top of our page. So, please feel free to

reach out. AND, Please feel free to read all the 103 blogs I have written here. Several

address ingredient effectiveness and safety. Remember also that "Organic" does not necessarily mean "safe". Organic means "derived from carbon".... Remember also that

anything that is able to lighten hair MUST be ALKALINE. So, if a product "lifts" and is "ammonia" free, this, in NO WAY, means that it is "gentle" and contains no alkalizer. You

may see that the substituting alkalizers are MEA or AMP.. also alkaline, with larger molecules

than in ammonia... great for demi creme and demi liquid shades, and some colorists think

they perform well as alkalizers in permanent dyes. These opinions are YOURS to evaluate

for yourselves. Remember, product marketing is designed to make everything look MAGIC.

Let's try to engage in the "magic" that is best for you and for your salon.

At my November 1st class in Ct., much of this discussion will be a part of our day. I hope you

will join us for this fun, informative, very content-rich day for career colorists like yourself. And, remember that I offer private one-hour telephone classes, as well as 15 minuted Hair 911 emergency sessions. So, think of BethMinardi-AllAccess as your own hair color wikipedia. Autumn is here! Have a Happy One and be inspired by the changes in the leaves,

the plant life.. and the sky. B

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Jun 28, 2023

Very informative information I have done everything you have mentioned in this post new products, tools, colours and bleaches lol


Very real assessment! Looking forward to hearing more.


Sep 28, 2021

Great post!!!!


Sep 28, 2021

I am so excited for this event!!!!!!


Carl Griffasi
Carl Griffasi
Sep 28, 2021

Upcoming EVENT A Day Of Immersion Into Hair Color, Newtown, Ct!

Nov 01, 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM EDT Ricci Academy and Salon, 99 S Main St, Newtown, CT 06470, USA Dear Professional Friend, Feel The Friendship! Meet me,in Connecticut! Our day together is NOT a "Show".It is a CLASS that honors us as a Community of Colorists! Immerse in our day, jam-packed with live, motivating, and deeply informational hair color education. Non refundable! Click for more details...

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