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2022 has already been a very intense year in the world of hair coloring. New products,

shades and categories are available to us now. Here are just a few of my thoughts:

WELLA made a wonderful new color introduction; bringing a GEL Demi Permanent brand

to salons. SHINEFINITY is a top performance GEL Demi Color Line. Unlike other demi

brands, SHINEFINITY contains NO ALCOHOL and NO SILICONE. It is mixed with equal

parts of its own developer, and can be processed with or without heat. Every shade is

intermixable. The color deposit is so. predictable. SHINE and CONDITION of the hair,

both wet and dry... AMAZING

EVO. The wonderful brand, offering my favorite color conditioners: EVO FABULOSO, have

introduced their wonderful new color line to the USA. It is called HUE VERSE. Created by

color geniuses in Australia, and manufactured in Italy, this brand of permanent creme colors

AND liquid demi shades was a JOY to test with my clients. I LOVE this brand, and am using

it now. The levels are TRUE and the color deposit is WONDERFUL. Gray coverage is

100 percent. And, in addition to all that, these intermixable shades create results that are

GORGEOUS. Shiny, rich, and durable. They simply do not fade in between appointments.

The sticker price is high.. BUT, the color is housed in a three ounce tube. The permanent

creme shades are mixed: 1 ounce of color with 1 1/2 ounces of developer. Tina Wylie

is our "go to" person for information on EVO

BEAUTY FUSION - How remarkable! Beauty Fusion is a wonderful liquid demi color with

remarkable ability to really COVER GRAY. This advanced brand is extremely health conscious and supportive of our planet's survival. Packaging, ingredients and all materials

are both health and planet friendly. MANY chemicals like silicone, phthalates, parabens and

alcohol have been omitted. A number of clients who are sensitive or "allergic" to other brands MAY (after a patch test), be able to use BEAUTY FUSION with complete comfort.

AND, by adding an OXIDIZER (alkaline) to the BEAUTY FUSION DEMI PERMANENT Liquid color, we transform the product into a Permanent Hair Color which both lifts and

deposits! I am testing these shades now, here in Houston, at KHARISMA Salon, and

find the results to be both beautiful and predictable.

CELEB - An Old Friend is NEW AGAIN. For those of you who remember ARTEC color shampoos and conditioners, the genius behind the line, Leland Hirsch, has created CELEB.

The line consists of two types of color shampoos and conditioners: Gemlites (for lovely

natural looking shades which deposit and HOLD real color), and VIRAL.. shampoos and

conditioners for the fashion-forward, in brilliant shades of red, pink, violet, blue, green and

yellow. WONDERFUL for the back bar and for retail.. and you can customize/intermix shades is special bottles which are available. GREAT FOR BUSINESS! CELEB is available at Cosmoprof and at Armstrong McCall.

More Industry News coming your way. Join me for classes, coming soon to Houston and

to Cleveland. Class plans also in the works for Palm Beach Gardens. For class hosting

at your salon, please contact me for further information. beth

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