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"Marketing" vs. "Truth"

Again, I refer to the remarks made by color chemists, including Dr. John Corbett of Clairol,

Dr. David Cannel of Redken, as confirmed by color expert Max Maisano.

For YEARS, we have shared that color chemists agree that the BEST permanent color

alkalizer is AMMONIA... Which is in the form of a gas or a liquid. When both "lift" and

"deposit" are required (permanent hair color), the most predictable, consistent delivery of long-lasting results are derived from the use of AMMONIA as an alkalizer. The big draw

back is.. undesirable fragrance. Substituting Ammonia with MEA (mono-ethanol-amine),

which is a liquid alkalizer... eliminates the unwanted "smell" of ammonia. MEA, used in

small amounts, is a great alkalizer, used in demi-permanent color.. as it creates an effective

opening of the hair's cuticle, so that a no-lift, long-lasting semi-permanent or demi-permanent color can effectively process within the hair.

Both alkalizers (and others) have their places. HOWEVER, after hundreds of thousands of

color applications have taken place over the course of many, many years... the jury is in:

The most predictable, long-lasting, alkalizer, attached to "lift and deposit"via use of permanent hair color is ammonia.

As a lover of demi-permanent hair color (when no "lift" of existing pigment is desired), I

enjoy using demi-permanent shades which contain MEA. I recommend that colorists investigating new color brands, be aware of the term "non-ammonia"... GREAT when

considering "no lift" shades.... but, think again when presented with new brands of

permanent hair color. ... There's some very important history here.. and I'm sure that

you will be aware.

I look forward to seeing you in class one day soon. THANKS for being a member of THE website for career hair colorists! B

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