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Meet Me: Monday, August 14th, 10AM - 5PM, Mt. Olive, NJ. A Day of IMMERSION Into Hair Color

Updated: May 16, 2023

I'm happy to share that Amy Murphy, owner of ENTOURAGE SALON in Mt. Olive, NJ,

will be hosting my IMMERSION Into HAIR COLOR Session, 10AM - 5 PM, Monday,

August 14th. Such a convenient and lovely location for colorists living in NJ, NY and Ct.!

Our class size is LIMITED to THIRTY, and features important information designed to

elevate your recognition as a hair color expert...regardless of the brand you are currently

using. I will demonstrate color on three "live" models.. with YOUR participation (hands on!),

We will explore important new facts about color science, technique and chemistry, along with an interactive session about the beautiful BUSINESS of HAIR COLOR. Your non-refundable

tuition includes luncheon and a framable diploma. I invite you to video or photograph any part of our session.

Tickets are $299.00 per person OR purchase two tickets at only $420.00.

I look forward to seeing YOU in class, as we elevate

salon professional hair color to an art form. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER:


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