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I'm so grateful to be building my "book" here at KHS in Houston, Texas. A SHOCK, after having had long, happy relationships with many of my NYC clients.. for more than thirty

years. Here's what I have learned:

Clients new to you are scared! The worst thing we can do is to provide a short.. or non-existent color consultation. I've learned that even before asking them to change into a smock, I seat

them, bring a refreshment. Then I sit down next to them and face them. I do NOT look at them through the mirror! Now we chat. Usually, they have a lot to say... sharing experiences

about their hair history; what they liked; what they did not like. They need to TALK. And, I

do NOT begin formulating or applying color until we both agree on what we can accomplish

today. I listen and I ask questions.

Hurrying this important emotional portion of that first appointment creates potential for

failure. You must, even in a cursory way, BOND with that client before beginning a color

application. Failure attached to unclear communication often leads to a client who we

never see again, who thinks her time spent with you was not appreciated or special. Better

to see five VERY HAPPY clients every day than eight "in and out" assembly line color customers. Again: It's "Taking Better Care of Fewer People". .... Of course, this is only

my opinion. And, PS: STOP being the least expensive color professional in your area! Any

client you lose when you raise your price even $5.00... means that she does not see what

you do as being unique, special and important! B

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