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Monday Mentoring - Private Education. COME STUDY WITH ME!

I'm happy to announce new learning options available to my hair colorist friends.

Do YOU have a client whose color situation frustrates you both or who might

be corrective or a labor-intensive situation? OR, YOU can be the MODEL, and

learn as I color your hair.. (Be the model and the student!).

If so, MONDAY MENTORING might be a perfect option for you. Here's how it works:

During alternating Mondays, meet me at Kieran McKenna Salon at 1100 Madison Avenue

here in New York City. I will welcome two career colorists to spend the day with

me. Your learning session is private.

Each colorist can choose to bring one model OR the colorist will be her own model. Only two "seatings" are available: Colorist number one arrives at 10:30AM. Colorist

number two arrives at 1:00PM. During your session, you and I will "study" together as I

guide you step-by-step, creating a beautiful color result. You are encouraged to photograph

or video our session, and you can take all the notes you want. You will be engaged in

in creating a wonderful color, AND in learning about the color PROCESS that

best addresses your model's situation. This is private learning at its best, featuring no time

constraints or interruptions.

Professional attendees are asked to bring their own drier and styling tools, as tuition

does not include hair styling.

Session One is scheduled for Monday, February 28th. You may choose the 10:30 or the

1:00PM arrival time. Tuition is $650 per person. BETHMINARDI-ALLACCESS members

have first access to this program.

TO REGISTER: CALL ME NOW at 646-468-9802 OR Email me at Your participation is confirmed upon receipt of your non-refundable tuition.

Monday Mentoring sessions are designed to delight and to inform you... so they are strictly

limited to two attendees. I hope to hear from you! B

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