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Moving Beyond Our"Comfort Zone"

As a career colorist and color educator, I do all I can to stay current. Of course I use

my "tried and true" color friends .. the shades, categories and brands I love. AND I

promise to share new color news with you, as well.

I'm looking forward to testing Paul Mitchell's new demi color, which is on its way to me!

And, as you have seen at my recent IMMERSION classes, we examine not only our

stand-by favorite formulas, but new ones as well.

Right now, I'm very focused on learning all I can about Evo's new entry into hair color:

HUE Universe. This brand features a permanent creme color as well as a demi liquid.

And, I'm continuing my efforts, exploring Wella's Shinefinity demi gel color. In addition

to testing on swatches, I'm using new formulas I'm beginning to trust on my clients.

HUE Universe is expensive, but lovely. The permanent shades are housed in

in a 3.5 oz tube. 1 oz of color is mixed with 1 1/2 of developer. I can report

that the neutrals in this line, named simply by the level: 3, 4, 5, 7, and 8,

are lovely and COVER GRAY 100 percent. I'm also very happy with their

7.03 shade.. it's great to cover gray to a warm level 7 AND to intermix with their copper

shades like 6.4 and 8.4. This evaluation is just a start.. I will keep you posted.

With Shinefinity, which contains no alcohol, and is a Gel Demi, I am particularly happy with

the warm shades. Again, I have only begun my evaluation. If you plan to try these

at your salon, here are the "starter" shades I recommend: 8.34, 7.34, 5/37, 5/43,

04/07, 10/36, 09/02. and 00/00 (clear). Shinefinity is mixed, equal parts, with its

own developer.

More new .. and "tried and true" formulas coming your way. Stay tuned. And, if you live

near Chicago, or near Austin, Texas, please register to join me for a day of IMMERSION

INTO HAIR COLOR with Beth Minardi. All Day color sessions, small groups, set-by-step

demo, "explore a shade" section... lunch and diploma included. You can register here on our

page or go to my Facebook Group Page (the page is FREE!). Group: Conversations with

Top Color Professionals by Beth Minardi. Spring is on the way! Enjoy the sunshine. B

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