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If I were going to be stranded on an island where people wanted hair color, but my

product options were limited I would bring:

A gentle yet effective lightener

Demi Liquid Color

.. and of course my color conditioners and great shampoos and conditioners.

I would work like those who colored hair before the introduction of permanent color. I'd first

"lift" natural color (only if required), and then I would apply a demi- permanent hair color..

one which behaves in an acidic fashion, and creates sheer, shiny hair color.

NEWS FOR YOU: Very soon Wella will be sharing their new, very special collection of

liquid demi color. A new brand for them!.... So now, Wella has an alkaline, opaque demi-

Color Touch, AND a sheer, shiny liquid demi. I can't WAIT to try it, and hope to have

some for my upcoming class in Dallas, Texas. Monday, February 7th. Stay tuned

here for more Color News.... there are numerous new color shades, brands and categories

coming our way. .. Good to know about, even if you are 'all set" with what you are using!


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Thanks for keeping us updated on the forefront of color! You're the best! See you in Dallas!


Jan 16, 2022

Always good to know that something new is out in the horizon. Since I am now very receptive to testing new brands, the more choices, the better.

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