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New Color Entries That Multi-Task

Suppose we could continue enjoying the beauty of demo liquid color.. but would be able

to expand what it could achieve for us in our salons. What would happen if we took a

liquid demi, and its developer... and created a separate "booster" we would add to the line.


this booster to the liquid demi and its developer would increase the alkalinity of the

liquid demi (made of oxidative dyes), and give it the power to cover gray and to LIFT as

well as deposit, therefore creating the actions of a permanent hair color.

THAT is what I am investigating now, here in Houston, as I attempt to unlock the science

behind a brand called Beauty Fusion. My first experiences.. on a client as well as on

myself... have been quite impressive. I am s stickler when I see brands trying to create

products that "do everything". Yet, I am intrigued by this chemistry. I will keep our members

here posted on what I observe as I work my way through this brand which might be a game


Silicone, Alcohol, Phelates, and Parabens are missing. Lots of scalp and hair "soothing" natural ingredients are present. So, let's take a look at Beauty Fusion. Comment here if

you are interested in learning more, OR if you are using this interesting new entry into

our beautiful business. Beth

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So one color does everything depending on what it’s mixed with?


04 ביולי 2022

This is fascinating! I want to know more. I love the idea of amping up a demi instead of bringing down a permanent color.

Beth Minardi
Beth Minardi
07 ביולי 2022
בתשובה לפוסט של

Ray! this stuff is GREAT. ARTEGO is the name of the brand. BEAUTY FUSION is the name of the product. NO MEA. You know that ammonia is a gas and dissipates in time as the color processes. MEA is a liquid and goes on low Ph, but the Ph remains the same.. and does not "leave" as time goes by. Sebastian Steele is a color expert and works with leading chemists. is how you reach him. I KNOW you will enjoy the conversation. The BEAUTY FUSION comes in a three ounce, lovely rectangular bottle. Stay in touch, and thx for commenting! B


02 ביולי 2022

Wouldn’t use lose the positive aspects of demi? The lifting would cause warmth, and a line of demarcation? Yes, it would cover grey, and lift, but wouldn’t you just use permanent color at that point? I guess, I’m not understanding the benefits of this other than if you were out of a particular permanent color, and you wanted to substitute with a Demi. Maybe, I’m missing something?

Beth Minardi
Beth Minardi
07 ביולי 2022
בתשובה לפוסט של

This creates the OPPOSITE situation. This is a liquid demi with NO LIFT. Mixed with 5 volume developer. To transform this liquid demi into a permanent color with LIFT it is mixed with a "booster' (an alkalizer) and 20 volume developer. Sebastian Steele is the color "guru" for this very interesting and "non-irritating" line of color. Thx so much for commenting and for being a member on BethMinardi-AllAccess! B

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