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New Color Options: ShineFinity by Wella

Mot of us LOVE using Demi-liquid color. That wonderful category, starting with SEQ, has

improved what we do as colorists.. more than I can express. And, if you are using YOUR favorite demi liquids.. do nothing! Continue as you have been. As an instructor, part of my

job is to inform members about new things that can make a wonderful impact. Please permit

me to share a bit about Wella Shinefinity. I have tested the brand on swatches, on class

models AND on my wonderful salon clients here in NYC.


being liquid, it is a GEL! It is mixed with equal parts of its own dedicated developer. The

low volume of the two developers is identical... one allows the product to be applied with an

applicator bottle. The other developer allows the color to be applied via bowl and brush.

Shinefinity is mixed with equal parts of the developer, and can be applied to dry or to damp

hair. Processing time is between 5 and 20 minutes at room temperature. The product is

then rinsed and shampooed from the hair. As you rinse the hair you will be overjoyed (I was!) with how the hair feels. The shine is amazing and the colors are BEAUTIFUL and

so super shiny!

This creates a wonderful toner for both global and highlighted blonde shades. Wonderful for

refreshing faded hair lengths, and for performing tint backs. And, for the "color shy" a perfect

beginner's journey into a shade that creates subtle, beautiful tonal difference with no "lift" and

super shine.

Shinefinity shades are intermixable, and there is a clear shade. Shades range from pale.. both cool and warm blondes, a lovely selection of reds and a rich, beautiful array of brunette


My class attendees in Boston, Chicago and beyond will be able to see a few Shinefinity shades in action.. on ONE of our three models... AND on a few of the swatches we dye out.

Whatever we choose to do.. or not to do... I think it is good to be aware of new products.

I sponsor by events alone. I'm not employed or consulting for a color company. So, my opinions

are based on my own observations. As I use Shinefinity on class models, I will post

their photos here and on my Facebook Group Page for colorists, as well. Please post

your impressions when you discover new color options which you believe our AllAccess friends might be interested. B

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