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NEW FROM LEADING COLOR SCIENCE... Ingredient Advances We Have Been Waiting for.

As you know, my hair color learning sessions focus on technique, formulation, artistry and

color science. The sense of "community, and the friendship we share create a warm and

inviting opportunity for career colorists.

Salon pros who join me, share how happy they are because these ARE NOT "product commercials". They benefit us, because we become deeply educated about precisely HOW

HAIR COLOR WORKS. The sessions produce increased expertise and confidence... regardless of the brand(s) you currently use. I include and demonstrate numerous brands. Attendees are welcome to discuss any new color options they are using with success! This

program encourages all of us to participate and to share. The synergy feels wonderful!

NEW NEWS: I've been studying about HUGE, NEW improvements in hair color technology. These have been invented and tested in leading laboratories during the last several years.

This is NEW SCIENCE and BREAKTHROUGH information career colorists deserve to

know. Again, irrespective of what you use in your salons. Great information for all of us who want to perform at the top.

I will present this information for the first time to our members here on, AND at our Immersion into Hair Color event, Monday, September 19th,

Trilogy Salon and Spa, Chagrin Falls, Ohio.

Trilogy is located at 17800 Chillicothe Road, #102, In Chagrin Falls, Ohio. 44023. Be immersed in a day devoted completely to your benefit and enjoyment. You'll see

three step-by-step color technique demonstrations-- where you can join me as I create

these new looks.. or you can observe, video and ask any questions you wish. We will

create a "living" swatch chart" and delve deeply into the traditional.. and NEW Color

Chemistry every colorist deserves to know. Your lunch, a Certificate of Achievement and

gift products from several manufacturers are included in your tuition.

To register, or to learn more about our class,

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