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Here in Houston, Texas, I'm meeting lovely new clients, many of whom are returning

from summer vacation. At times, the hair has been exposed to plenty of sunshine

and fresh air.. and is faded!

So, during the past several weeks, I've been placing dimensional color refreshment

into the hair lengths via application of a new GEL DEMI-PERMANENT hair color.

Wella's Shinefinity is NOT a creme demi. It is NOT a liquid demi. It is a GEL which

contains no alcohol or silicones. The deposit is more opaque than we receive after

applying a liquid demi shade, and less opaque than the results obtained by applying

a creme demi. And, the SHINE is wonderful. I can report that, at this time, I'm very

happy with the results I'm obtaining with this new product. As always, I promise to

keep you posted! B

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So glad that the use of shinfinity covers demension. was concerned with longtime hold. Thanks ✅

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