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As 2023 comes to a close, beauty and fashion writers continue using the term "QUIET

LUXURY ". I really like that term, and I identify with that approach, but, as usual,I note

that the moment we begin to embrace a certain "trend".. it tends to disappear.

Perhaps sporting an attractive "effortless" look might take a lot of time and money! What

we have learned during the past several years: Many women (and men) now embrace

taking very good CARE of their hair. .. Softer (and fewer) blonde highlights, carefully

and regularly placed, .. perhaps on a shade SLIGHTLY lighter than the natural, can echo a

look that's really "chic". as can softer amber on red or subtle brown shades melded with

almost invisible warmer maple or cafe-au-lait shots of dimension artfully placed.

SHINE continues to be of MASSIVE importance. As I share with my clients: It doesn't matter what color your hair is if it has NO SHINE.. it CAN'T be beautiful. Acidic Demi Permanent, highly organic color products like Beauty Fusion Phyto Tech have made a

big impact recently, as have a growing number of truly effective treatment shampoos

and masques. And at the first signs of hair loss, people are beginning to ACT with

attention to scalp health, diet, proper scalp and hair care, and application of tried and true

topical solutions. PREVENTION, rather than acting after very obvious changes

in hair density have occurred, has become common.

Top notch salon pros are re-introducing the "Scientific Method of Brushing" .. almost

completely forgotten during the late 1960-s. And, they are encouraging their salon

clients to follow this practice at home. Modern hair MOVES.. it's never "stuck" in a

solid mass from week to week. We see a significant jump in the sale of boar bristle

hair brushes.. heralding back to the days when that "one hundred brush strokes at night"

message was drilled into the heads of young woman.

As we look ahead, beauty seekers who value their hair consider shampooing and conditioning as a "RITUAL"... not simply a quick "on and off" affair done in the shower. And,

while daily shampooing is no longer widely practiced, performing a proper wash, which

truly stimulates and cleanses the scalp, coupled with a carefully measured dose of hydration

and nutrition delivered to the hair lengths via proper conditioning... have become part of

the "self care" portion of quiet luxury.

Great hair cuts VERSATILE; no longer extreme.. we see less highly structured geometry,

fewer hard lines or a limited "wear it only one way" type of hair cut or style. This

freedom can help convey a confident lifestyle.. where shiny, healthy hair MOVES..

glistens in the sun.... and looks happy blowing in the wind. This appears to be THE

TREND we'll see right now.... at least while another new year in beauty begins.

I look forward to speaking with you in class, and to learning what YOU see as

the next trends we might embrace during the new year ahead. B

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