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As you know, permanent hair color and lighteners are alkaline. When I studied color with a major manufacturer, the chemists had shared that a benefit of coloring the hair was that the

application of color, (to the scalp), created a cleansing action. In the past, many colorists would direct their clients to these "benefits" of hair color; as the application of color was said

to effectively cleanse the scalp. While I do agree what they were attempting to convey, we have learned a lot since then; particularly when we are dealing the health of the

individual and with DANDRUFF.

TRUE DANDRUFF is NOT due to your client's having a dry, flakey scalp. Real dandruff is caused by the growth of MALASSEZIA, the common fungus that causes this condition. Effective dandruff shampoos are safe, and can be used daily. They are essential for controlling dandruff, and contain PYRITHIONE ZINC. And, like ALL Shampoos and cleansing

treatments, they can create hair color fade. Customers can see this ingredient on the dandruff shampoo bottle. The choice is theirs. While scalp flaking, and dandruff are rather common, we need to decide when to alert a client when this situation seems to be


Because we are not doctors, so, it is best to inform a client who has a condition that looks concerning. Only a medical doctor can diagnose a true "dry scalp" or "dandruff" condition. I have clients who bring in a prescription shampoo, from their MD. These treat the fungal

condition. And, they both look and feel "medical".

I mention this only because I have seen clients whose scalp was actually inflamed, red,

and patchy.. with "beyond" dandruff-like "scales" attached... most noticeably above the ears and in the nape. While I regret loss of income, I shared that I was concerned and asked

them to consider seeing their MD. We are dealing with humans.. and with chemicals.

humans.. and with chemicals. So, when something seems beyond "OK", do what you

can to avoid "regret". . B


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Thank you for your article; I found it informative. I agree that, although we enjoy what we do, there is much deeper care in dealing with people that goes beyond our Services. It's a wonderful part of our careers!

Beth Minardi
Beth Minardi
16 ธ.ค. 2564

Thx so much for reading this. You are correct! There is so much we can help with… beyond the ‘service’. Wishing you all the very best. Beth

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