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ONLY $50.00 Reserves Your Seat!

I adore presenting my full day IMMERSION INTO HAIR COLOR Learning Sessions!

When you attend, you will color hair on live models. You will listen, learn, ask any

question you desire, hear the latest important information regarding technique, color

chemistry and science, and learn more about color regardless of the brand(s) you

are currently using.


Dallas, Texas, Monday, February 2l6th

Southport, CT. Monday, March 25th

Chicago, Ill. Monday, April 8th

Detroit, Michigan, Monday, April 29th

Full tuition of only $249.00 balance after deposit (non-refundable) due ten days prior to class.

Learning session, lunch and diploma included.

INTERESTED? Or ready to enroll? If so, CALL ELISA TODAY: 817-877-7384. I look

forward to seeing you in class. Let's take photos for YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA! B

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