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"ORGANIC". Defined by science. Ask Questions when a brand defines itself as "Being Organic"

An ORGANIC PRODUCT is a product that is made from materials produced by organic

agriculture. Derived from carbon. Most well-known organic products are food products BUT clothing and personal

care items can also be made involving organic agriculture

Some countries have strict consumer safety regulations to protect consumers from consuming harmful products. These agencies often certify cultivated products as being organic. The USA uses USDA certification through the National Organic Program to

define products as "organic". According to the USDA several standards must be met.

Operations must "protect natural resources, conseerving biodiversity, and using onl approved substances.

The Issue here: COST. in 2015, on average, organic products were 47 percent more

expensive than traditional. The added expense: One factor: Quantities of the product

are smaller due to the exclusion of cheaper materials, synthetic pesticides, and more

readily available, commonly-used ingredients.

Do NOT believe that "natural" means the same thing as "organic". As an educated

consumer you will use what works best for you, your clients, and our planet!


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