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The cost of performing great hair color services at your salon continues to increase!

Manufacturers face rising costs for labor, raw materials, components and packaging.

These costs are being passed along to us. And, yes, this month, and last month,

we've seen another price increase attached to many brands.

I learned that several manufacturers will AGAIN be required to increase prices next

month, October, 2023. .. So, if you can afford this, I recommend that you order

more color NOW!!!.. Purchase a substantial supply to help you through our busy

"pre-holiday" season. This way, you will save money on additional product costs.

Rather than ask a store clerk... why not contact your brand's official manufacturer's

representative. They know the price increase dates in place for the brand they carry.

I'm writing this as a "heads up". YOU will know how to best react to this information.

To remain profitable, you may need to consider passing this increase on to your clients.

You will know the best way to share this information with your customers..

Consider this: When you have a moment, visit a drug or discount store. Walk

down through the shelves loaded with at-home hair color.. take a look at the price

per box. Color that was $6.49 or $7.99 years ago, (often with a coupon, or "buy one box and get another box at 50 percent off), NOW cost more than $11.99,.. and a few at

$14.00. As a professional, the color brand you use is completely up to you.

Reliable product performance remains THE critical part of your colorful success.

To Consider....

BEAUTY FUSION by ARTEGO remains at $7.95 per THREE ounce bottle. While I DO NOT

personally believe in "SWITCHING OUT" a currently used brand of color, I believe that a

a considered, more controlled shift can help a salon endure the ever rising costs of

doing business while they maintain a reputation for doing the absolute BEST hair color

possible. So, if you are interested, these are a few "NEVER FAIL" Color Refresher Formulas

that restore, tone and add great shine to faded hair lengths. BEAUTY FUSION is mixed

with equal parts of Five Volume Oxymilk Developer:

Palest Cornsilk Blonde: 1 ounce Clear plus 1 ounce of 12G

Light, White Diamond Blonde: 1 ounce Clear plus 1 ounce of 9.11

Warm Cinnamon Brown: 2 ounces of 6WG

DEEP Smokey Brunette: 2 ounces of 6.11

Warm Golden Copper: 1 ounce of 12G plus 1 ounce of 7.44

Process up to 15 minutes on the faded hair lengths. NO heat required. Then, rinse,

shampoo and condition the hair.

No contracts to sign, No minimum orders. If you'd like to try a formula or

two, we can help you. Call Elisa at 817-877-7384 or Damion at 561-252-0544,

Whatever your choice, enjoy an important day of non-commercial

hair color learning.

Next stop:

Monday, October 16th, Pittsburgh, Pa. Join me for a full day of hair color education

at Stephen Szabo Salon. 10AM - 5 PM. Lunch and diploma included in your non-

refundable tuition.

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