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Recognizing VEGAN as an Important Consumer Choice

Right now, the vegan lifestyle has become one of the fastest-growing consumer trends.

Recently, sales growth and interest in all things "vegan", have grown

500% among millennials.. and the trend continues to increase.

After the covid "invasion", clients now exhibit increased interest in well-being, and ask for more information about the ingredients used (or omitted from) the products they purchase.

BEAUTY FUSION PHYTO-TECH Color by Artego is vegan, and represents what I believe to be the "Future" of hair color. The 71 intermixable shades are beautiful and the product protects

the hair as it colors. BEAUTY FUSION contains organic radish, organic vitas vinivera, organic olive oil, organic zanthalene, thermal water, Red Atlantic seaweed and

zemea. These soothe and protect hair and scalp as the hair is being colored. And,

the color, housed in a three ounce (biodegradable ! bottle), can be used for three different

types of coloring services:

* As a Demi Liquid Glaze. (no lift) mixed with 5 volume developer

*As an Opaque Slightly Alkaline Glaze (no lift). Mixed with 5 volume developer and a creme booster


*As a Permanent Hair Color formula mixed with 20, 30 or 40 volume developer and a creme booster

A significant portion of this non-MEA, non-PPD, non-DEACocamide color contains organic natural ingredients. And, at only $7.50 per three ounce bottle, this "color brand of the future" is sensibly priced!

I began testing Beauty Fusion on myself,.. and later on my clients. Many of you know that

for years, I have experienced itching and skin rashes.. regardless of the brand, shade or category of color I have used on myself. For me, this has been a God send.

I continue to embrace many color brands, both as a teacher and salon colorist. And, as you

know, I continue to share the results I obtain as I work to elevate salon hair color to an

art form. I will be posting a number of BEAUTY FUSION formulas for members here on

our page. If you'd like to receive a color chart and product information, please comment

here. I will mail it to you when you supply your salon name, street, city, state and zip code.

Or if you'd prefer to

chat, please call me at 646-468-9802. Our other brand experts Damion and Sebastian

are also delighted to speak with you. Damion at 561-252-0554. Sebastian at 336-266-7370.

Stay tuned here on our website for career colorists. I will be sharing a few of my "tried and



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I would love a color chart of Beauty Fusion color and would love to try it out. Thank you, Regena Ratleph, owner/stylist Hair Mechanix 720 Union St Shelbyville TN 37160

Beth Minardi
Beth Minardi
Nov 19, 2022
Replying to

Hi Regina! Thank you. The product is wonderful. We will get info out to you this week. Thx for your interest. B

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