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"RED RIOT" - A Few Fun Formulas for the Artistic Color Professional

Updated: Jul 26

Some "Summer Sizzle" for those clients who are ready to try some tones reminiscent

of "Old Hollywood" this summer. Pastel, shiny.. and another "type" of blonde. Using

Beauty Fusion Phyto Tech Acidic Liquid Demi formulas.

ROSE GOLD: 1 ounce Pink. 1/2 oz Clear. 1/2 oz 7.44

PASTEL PINK. 1 1/2 ounce PINK. 1/2 oz Clear

SHEER PEACHES AND CREME: 1 oz Clear. 1/2 oz 12G. 1/2 oz 7.44

LIGHT GOLDEN ORANGE BLONDE: 1 1/2 oz 12G 1/2 oz 7.44

BEAUTY FUSION ACIDIC DEMIS are mixed with equal parts of Five Volume Oxymilk

No "heat" required. Process on blonde hair for 5 - 15 minutes at room temperature.

Product contains no MEA, Alcohol, PPD or Resorcinol. Housed in bio-degradable

packages at $7.95 per 3 oz. Questions? Comment here. To purchase, contact

Elisa or Damion: Damion:

Elisa: 817-877-7384

Meet me for all-day hair color learning sessions. Important. regardless of the brands you

use. These sessions are about the FACTS about all color, and share techniques, demos

and hands on opportunity. Next up: Bend, Oregon and Pittsburgh, Pa.

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