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RED Retouch

When consulting with a new client who has a red hair shaft but whose 'roots' look brown -- be CAREFUL! Often, this client was a redhead as a child-- and that cortex remains loaded with concealed Phaeomelanin-- nature's natural golden orange pigment...

If you apply a red color formula which you do not BUFFER, you will most probably be Shocked with the TOO HOT, bright results!

Avoid 'regret' by intermixing your chosen red shade with equal parts of a neutral or warm neutral shade at the same or similar level. The result will be a balanced, beautiful red... lovely, rich and glowing with a radiant (yet controlled) tonal reflect.

Conducting class this Monday in Sarasota was a JOY! Thirty delightful career colorists joined me as we delved deeply into all things hair color. As a group, we created three great final looks: Rich brown on brown, a vibrant Golden Copper and a stunning selection of Silver.

NEXT STOP: Dallas, Texas. Monday, February 26th. I look forward to meeting colorist friends there.. To register, call Elisa at 817-877--7384. I need two more models. Let me know if you'd like me to color your hair at this content-rich, inspiring learning session. B

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