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Research Continues - PPD Hair Color Ingredient Substitute

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

Efforts to make hair coloring products even more comfortable and less apt to cause irritation continue, and advances have been made. .

You can obtain additional details on website: KattaMD.

One alternative for those who are sensitive to PPD (phenylenediamine) in hair color is ParaToulene Sulfate, the ingredient in Beauty Fusion Phyto Tech Hair Color. AND, HPPS is the abbreviation for Hydroxyethyl-p-phenylenedimine. This ingredient is commonly referred to in our business as ME+ and is in many shades of Wella hair color.

Your manufacturer's representative should have all these ingredient details for you.

Remember this: someone is allergic to something! There are no easy answers.. and we are not MD's. Dermatogical testing, performed by a medical specialist is how a client can learn more about her own, personal sensitivities!

Join me for class in Sarasota, this January, in Arlington, Tx, this February and in Bloomington, Michigan in April! B.

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