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Rich, Sophisticated Chocolate Brunette

I'm creating dramatic, rich... yet not "black looking" brunette shades on even very

high percentages of gray hair. I had been looking for a substitute for my Beth

Minardi Signature classic brunette formula. After more than several attempts,

here is what I have happily discovered. Using Beauty Fusion Phyto Tech Hair Color:

1 ounce of 4.0 plus 1 ounce of 5.832. plus 2 teaspoons of color booster and

2 ounces of 20 volume Oxymilk Developer. I process at room temperature for

45 minutes.

I know many of us have begun using very rich, European brands of color. Many

were created to absolutely "COVER" gray hair. To accomplish this, the manufacturers

created the N or .0 shades to develop to a level almost 1 level deeper than former

American brands offered. So, note that the 4.0 shade I am sharing here is almost as

deep as a level 3.

Reach out to me at any time, here on our page, or text me at 646-468-9802

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